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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide the community with an alternative to institutionalized care by delivering healthcare services right to where they live, as they enjoy the presence of their loved ones and the comfort of a familiar surrounding, which we believe are the inspiration for them to live life to the fullest.

Tender Care, Inc. ranks among the most dedicated home health care companies in Dallas, Texas. That is what sets us apart from other home health care providers, our true dedication and urge to help the elderly, the sick, the disabled, the injured, and those who live far from health care facilities. Our main role is in keeping patients healthy in their private homes.

We bring high standard health care right to where you live. We have the best home health care providers who are always vigilant to your needs and are truly committed to our duties and responsibilities to you. This is why many residents in Dallas always choose us to be their home health care provider. Through the years, our services have been tested and we’ve never failed to ensure the safety, comfort and good health of our clients.

At affordable hourly/weekly rates, our home health care services can be scheduled to suit your accustomed living conditions at home. You don’t need to be confined to a hospital to receive quality care. You just need quality care professionals to visit you where you live. Please give us a call at 903-300-3350 to get started with services.

Why Choose Us

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